Rollin' on TV videos: British Tent Trailer, Thetford RV Toilets & Roadmaster Spare Tire System

In this episode (#2015-20), Rollin' on TV takes a look at week's program Jeff Johnston checks out a new folding tent trailer called the OPUS. It's made in the U.K and has been around for a few years. They are now available here in the U.S. and Rollin' on TV got their hands on the first prototype assembled here in the states. There are some changes and refinements being done on the actual production models but this unit will give you a good idea of what the OPUS is like. Also, we RVers all take RV toilets for granted, that is until we have a problem with them. This week Rollin' on TV visits Thetford, one of the leading producers of RV and portable toilets, and sees what goes into making today's modern RV toilets.

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