50 Must-Have Camping & RV Apps

Compliments of the Route 66 RV Network, an association of RV dealerships across North America who excel at providing customer service, here's an outstanding list of 50 Must-Have Camping & RV Apps.

Route 66 bills this as "an A-Z list of iOS and Android apps to help you on your camping trip," and just a short way into it it's obvious that bold statement is true. FYI: To make this list the app had to be relevant to Camping and RVing, have received high reviews, and be current.

50 Must-Have Camping Apps

Allpoint ATM Finder
by LocatorSearch, LLC.
Tired of being charged money for taking money out of an ATM? With Allpoint ATM Finder, you have access to more than 50,000 surcharge free ATM’s. The app has a Geo-locator that helps you find the nearest ATM without a surcharge based on your location. Say no to fees with Allpoint! (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

AllStays Camp & RV
by AllStays LLC.
This is a real gem of an app. AllStays Camp & RV lets you find campgrounds RV parks with or WITHOUT the Internet. There are more than 29,000 campgrounds listed. This app does cost $9.99, but it is well worth it if you’re going to be on the road at all this year. It even gives user reviews of the parks you are about to stay in. ($9.99 - iTunes & Google Play)

AllTrails Hiking & Mountain Biking Trails
by AllTrails, Inc.
If you love the outdoors, the Alltrails Hiking app is a must have! Are you going out of town for a camping trip? Looking for a place to hike or run close to home? AllTrails will help you find it all! Take a look through the app's extensive library of more than 50,000 trails across North America complete with photos, reviews and more! (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

Bug Spray - Ultrasonic
by Apptomic LLC
Tired of buying weird bug sprays and bug lanterns that may or may not keep the bugs away? What if we told you you could simply download an app for free and the bugs would be gone? With the Bug Spray Ultrasonic app, high frequency tones are emitting, repelling insects and giving you a bug free day or night! These high frequency tones are also above the hearing range of most people, so you don’t even have to hear the tones! (Free - iTunes)

Campfire Songs
by ScoutApps.net
Bored around the campfire? Tired of singing the same old songs? Switch it up with the Campfire Songs app! This app features a collection of 200 classic campfire favorites. Search by category or alphabetically and find your new favorite song today! (Free - iTunes)

Classic Camping Cookbook & Meal Planner
by The Coleman Company
Meal planning apps are great for those interested in planning out what they are going to cook and what ingredients they need. The Coleman Camping Cookbook and Meal Planner combines both of these great features. You can look up great camping recipes or plan out your entire week full of meals! SEE ALSO: WEBER GRILL APP (Free - iTunes)

by Two Steps Beyond
This is a must-have app if you need to find out whether or not you will have cell phone coverage wherever you are. Easy to use and helps you save time without having to look up your cell phone coverage on your carriers website. Don’t leave home without downloading Coverage? to your phone! ($2.99 - iTunes)

Dark Sky
by Jackadam
Ever wanted to own your own personal weather station? Now you can with Dark Sky app. Get a detailed breakdown of current weather conditions right where you’re standing with one of the smoothest map simulations and down-to-the minute notifications. SEE ALSO: WEATHER RADIO APP ($3.99 - iTunes)

First Aid American Red Cross
by American Red Cross
The First Aid American Red Cross app puts expert advice in your hands. This app can literally be a life saver. The app gives you access to information you need to know for the most common first aid emergencies. It also includes, videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by step advice. If you are going to be on the road or camping then this is a must-have app. Preloaded content comes standard so you have instant access to all the important instructions even if you don’t have access to the Internet. (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

Free WiFi Finder
by Ninth Decimal (previously JiWire Inc.)
Tired of using all of your data while on the road? Well, take a rest from the road and find a great free Wi-Fi connection near you. Free Wi-Fi Finder will give you a map of close Wi-Fi hotspots all around you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give you the speed of the Wi-Fi, but hopefully that is coming soon. (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

Gas Guru
by yellowpages.com
Are you tired of having to drive around and find the cheapest gas? An alternative to the well known "Gas Buddy" app, the Gas Guru app will do all the hard work for you! Get instant updates on which gas station is the cheapest! This app is perfect and shows easy to read maps so you can get right to saving as much money as possible! (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

Geocaching Intro
by Groundspeak Inc.
Join the world's largest treasure hunt with the Geocaching app. Find nearby traditional geocaches and get tips and tricks along the way. You will be able to access geocache types, trackables and offline lists. A perfect app for the adventurous. (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

Go Sat Watch
by GoSoftWorks
Ever curious if that's a star or a satellite? This app gives real time satellite tracking, overhead sky track view, one touch orbit updates, night vision, and more. The GoSatWatch app will help you spot satellites in the night sky and tell everything you want to know about about them! ($9.99 - iTunes)

Go Sky Watch
by GoSoftWorks
Study the stars with GoSkyWatch app. Get accurate orientation when held at any angle. Just point to the sky and start exploring constellations, planets and deep sky objects. Great for the explorer in us all. ($3.99 - iTunes)

History Here
by History Channel
This is a really fun app. Have you ever wondered what kind of history has taken place at the very place you are at? History Here is an interactive and location based guide to thousands of historic locations across the United States. This app includes GPS location to help you find what you are looking for and loads of interesting facts about your point of interest. (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

by Metrocket, LLC
Sometimes people have a hard time seeing what all is available at the next exit. The iExit app uses your device’s location to determine where you are on the highway, and then displays upcoming exits in real time. You can also view images of hotels offering special rates. (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

by Earth 911
This app is a must-have for those who like to travel green. Find locations for convenient recycling. iRecycle can tell you how, when and where to recycle by using your current location to direct you to the nearest recycling center. (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

by Carob Apps
This app differs from something like Google Maps or Apple maps because it helps you find a route based on weather, elevation, curviness, daylight and places along the route. InRoute is fully loaded with features that just don’t come with a basic map app. SEE ALSO: WAZE (Free - iTunes)

by Amazon
The Kindle app puts more than a million books at your fingertips. It’s the app for every reader, whether you’re a book reader, magazine reader, or newspaper reader—and you don’t need to own a Kindle to use it. (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

Knot Guide
by Winkpass Creations, Inc
This is a random app, but nevertheless very important for the well-traveled family -- knots. It is important to know different knots for different occasions. If you are going camping then there is a good chance that you might do other outdoor activities like climbing, fishing, etc. So learn your knots with Knot Guide and it will save you a world of trouble. ($1.99 - iTunes & Google Play)

by KOA
If you are an RVer or camper, than the KOA app is a must have! Plan your perfect getaway and search KOA’s entire database of campgrounds to find the one that fits your needs! You can also get detailed campground descriptions, driving directions that are integrated with your favorite app, as well as descriptions of local attractions and local activities that you and your crew are sure to love! (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

by Localeur
Want to try the best local food or see something that all tourists should see? Download the app Localeur! This app gives you local places and restaurants to visit that have been recommended by people living in that city. You can see the profile of the suggestion makers and really tailor your trip to match your tastes. Localeur is a fun way to explore a new city; it's like you have connections everywhere you go! SEE ALSO: TRAVEL CHANNEL CITIES (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

Map My Hike
by Map My Fitness
MapMyHike is the #1 hiking app that allows you to track your route including workout details such as duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned and route traveled, all on an interactive map. This is a great app to have if you are planning on doing any hiking on your trip. (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

Merlin Bird ID
by Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Merlin Bird is the perfect app for anyone who wants to know more about birds or bird watching. By answering five simple questions about a bird you want to identify, Merlin Bird will give you a list of possible matches! It’s simple, free, easy and most of all a lot of fun! (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

MyNature Animal Tracks
by MyNature Inc.
Ever been out in the wild only to come across some strange animal tracks? With this app, you will never have to guess what animals could be right around you! With brilliant illustrations, a complete description of track measurements and animal life cycles. MyNature Animal Tracks is a great app to have for your next camp out. ($1.99 - iTunes)

National Parks
by National Geographic Society
Way back in 2012 this app won the Apple Design award at the iPhone developer showcase. The National Parks app features a personalized user space to track your favorite parks and activities. It also has a top must-see and must-do for each park, which was created by National Geographic editors. (Free - iTunes)

Nature Passport App
by IslandWood
If you are looking for a great app for your kids that won’t fry their brain, give Nature Passport a try! The app features missions that will teach your kids how to learn, play and explore nature in a fun and unique way. Perfect for the summer of after school, Nature Passport will help promote the outdoors as well as skills they are learning in school! (Free - iTunes)

Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder App
by American Park Network
This is a comprehensive database of every federal and state park in the United States. Each park in the app also contains information about activities in the area. Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder is a great app for anyone on a road trip looking for great fun along the way. It utilizes your phone's GPS and helps you find the closest state park. SEE ALSO: RV PARKY (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

by Onavo, Inc.
Tired of having to conserve and save data on your phone to avoid extra charges? With the new app Onavo, you can get the most out of your data so you can do what you want on your phone without spending more on your bill. With features such as smart image loading, letting you see what app is using what data and others, Onavo is helping people save on data overage charges. (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

Postagram Postcards
by Sincerely Inc.
Emails, texts, calls... There's still nothing like getting a letter or postcard in the good old-fashioned mailbox. Postagram Postcards lets you take your RV vacation photos and turn them into postcards in seconds. Choose a picture, write a message, tell them where to send it - only 99 cents per postcard! (App is free but it's $0.99 to send a postcard - iTunes & Google Play)

Project Noah
by Networked Organisms LLC
The perfect app for nature enthusiasts. This app allows you to document nature with your mobile phone by easily adding pictures of wildlife in the "my spottings" category, which allows you to catalog by species or find out what missions are happening near you. Join Project Noah today and start contributing to wildlife research! (Free - iTunes)

Roadside America
by This Exit LLC
Want to do something fun and spontaneous this weekend? What about visiting a place few people know about? If this excites you, download the Roadside America app and start exploring! With the Roadside America app you will get access to tons of offbeat attractions and places that you may have never heard of! From day trips to weekend activities, Roadside America has something for every type of trip. SEE ALSO: ROADTRIPPERS ($2.99 - iTunes)

Road Trip
by Darren Stone
Track your fuel economy, maintenance and expenses easily with the Road Trip app. As one of the most comprehensive road travel apps available you’ll be able to keep track of all your road trip necessities in one place. ($6.99 - iTunes; Road Trip Lite is Free)

by RoadTrippers
More than 5.5 million trips have been booked with this app, which contains a database of the most interesting and off-the-beaten path places that any true Roadtripper should visit. Simply pick your spot from A to B and the RoadTrippers app will create a route for you that includes instant fuel saving and a allows you to explore places within a set distance from your route. It also includes many more features. SEE ALSO: ROADSIDE AMERICA (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

RV Checklist
by Dan Senatro
Ever forget something when on your trip across the states? Well this app can fix that! The RV Checklist app provides various checklists for the RV owners to make sure they have everything they need. This app can save a lot of heartache and expense, so use it wisely! ($0.99 - iTunes)

RV Parky
by Lenny Terris
The RV Parky app has more than 2,000 reviews and 95% of those are 5-or 4-star reviews. This is another great option for finding RV parks, campgrounds, rest areas, gas stations, stores and more! SEE ALSO: OH, RANGER! PARKFINDER (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

by John Clarke
Find RV dump stations quickly and easily with the Sanidumps app. This app has one of the largest up-to-date RV dump station listings out there. If you are an RV owner then you need this app! Dump stations included in this app show locations at campgrounds, national, state, and provincial parks, as well as military campgrounds, rest areas and many more! (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

SAS Survival Guide
by John Wiseman
Learn the essentials of survival with the SAS Survival Guide app. The app gives you 9 categories to choose from such as Polar, Desert Tropics, Wild Food, First Aid and more. This app offers valuable information for anyone wanting to learn the basics of survival. SEE ALSO: SURVIVAL GUIDE ($5.99 - iTunes & Google Play)

Sleep Pillow
by Clear Sky Apps
Sleep Pillow is one of the best apps for sleep on the market. With millions of people using the app, a better night's sleep is right around the corner! Pick from a variety of sounds and mixes such as rain falling or a crackling campfire just to name a few to help put your mind at ease. Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed. ($1.99 - iTunes)

by Spotify Ltd.
Music is essential for road trips and Spotify is one of the best for music streaming. Right now they are doing a promotion that for $0.99 you can get three months of unlimited streaming with no commercials (free version contains commercials). Create playlists and search the huge database of songs from all of your favorite artists. Listen to your music when you want and how you want with Spotify! (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

State Lines
by Two Steps Beyond
This app is great if you have state specific questions such as “Can I park overnight in rest areas?” or “Are helmets and eye protection required?” Questions like these can be easily answered with the State Lines app. The app has more than 55 pieces of travel information in each of the 50 states such as cell phone and texting bans, RV-specific laws, open container laws and many more! ($4.99 - iTunes & Google Play)

by ozPDA
Find the sun's solar path with the Sunseeker app. Great for gardeners, photographers, sun lovers and more. The Sunseekers app provides a flat view compass and an augmented reality camera in 3-D view showing the solar path in hour intervals. If you are looking for good lighting then you need to download this app! ($9.99 - iTunes & Google Play)

Survival Guide
by Max Soderstrom
Have you ever wondered if you could survive without modern conveniences if you had to? Do you know how to make a shelter or tell the difference between poisonous plants? Well with the Survival Guide app, you can learn how to survive in the wild! You will love the detail this app has and how much information it gives. SEE ALSO: SAS SURVIVAL GUIDE (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

Travel Altimeter Lite
by BranchenKing Ltd.
You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new altimeter or GPS device to know your elevation. With the the Travel Altimeter app, you get a fast, accurate description of your elevation. Great for hiking or for people who suffer from altitude sickness, this Travel Altimeter is definitely worth a shot! (Free - iTunes)

Travel Channel Cities
by The Travel Channel, LLC.
This app won the Digiday Mobi Award for Best Mobile Creative in 2013. If you're taking your RV to the big city, Travel Channel's Cities app will help you find all the hot spots and activities to do during your stay and create your own itinerary. SEE ALSO: LOCALEUR (Free - iTunes)

by Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG
The Truma app offers two camping tools: The best location for your vehicle and where the sun is at a specific time. Use the leveling tool to help bring your vehicle to a flat horizontal surface or quickly find the best location with the sun alignment tool. A must have app for those using solar panels.

Walmart Overnight Parking Locator
by AllStays LLC.
A lot of Walmarts allow RVers to stay in their parking lots at night, but some don't. The Walmart Overnight Parking Locator app takes out all of the confusion. It allows you to find the closest Walmart to you and whether or not they have been reported to allow overnight parking. The app will give you a good start, but it is still best practice to call ahead and ask a manager if it is okay. Roughly 1/7th of Walmart's no longer allow overnights do to local influence and abusing their kindness. ($2.99 - iTunes & Google Play)

by Waze Inc.
With Waze you get the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Simply tell Waze where you are and you get real time navigation and driving advice from other drivers driving the same roads! The object is for you to get the most real time advice for the best possible routes on your drive. It’s a truly amazing app that can save you a ton of time (and speeding tickets)! SEE ALSO: INROUTE (Free - iTunes & Google Play)

Weather Radio App
by Weather Radio App
This simple to use weather app is anything but simple. Get up-to-the date alerts, local weather and radar all in one. The app includes audible push notification to alert you of severe weather conditions and will also inform you of lightning when it enters and exits the location you are monitoring. Protect yourself from severe weather with the Weather Radio app. SEE ALSO: DARK SKY ($4.99 - iTunes)

Weber Grill App
by Weber-Stephen Products Co.
The all new Weber Grills app features more than 70 recipes that you and your crew are sure to love! Each week you will get new recipes delivered straight to your device. There will also be plenty of grilling tips and ideas to help you get the most out of whatever you are grilling. The app also features a place to create grocery lists and a place to tag all of your friends and family. SEE ALSO: CLASSIC CAMPING COOKBOOK & MEAL PLANNER (Free - iTunes & Google Play)