Mobil Satellite Technologies introduces new consumer satellite Internet antenna and service

After more than a year of development and testing, Mobil Satellite Technologies of Chesapeake, Va., is launching the new RVDataSat840 automatic satellite antenna system and Insta-Sat on-demand consumer broadband satellite Internet service.

According to a company announcement, the RV DataSat840 is a fully automatic satellite antenna system that includes a one-touch controller, .84-meter dish for increased signal strength, iDirect Evolution X5 satellite modem and 6 Watt transmitter.

This system has all of the professional-grade components of a government or commercial system, but is engineered as a consumer platform. The Insta-Sat broadband service was designed by Mobil Satellite Technologies specifically to support the new RV DataSat840 automatic satellite antenna system. This innovative system gives RV owners access to broadband anywhere in the USA, even in places where cellular doesn't work.

The Insta-Sat broadband service delivers up to 4 Mbps of data for lightning-fast downloads, and has no monthly fee, no contract and no term commitments. The Insta-Sat service is self-provisioning through a web portal, the user simply pushes a button to deploy the antenna, opens a browser and selects a service plan, enters their account information and the service activates itself automatically. The antenna can connect to the web portal any time that the antenna is deployed, whether there is a current service plan in place or not.

"The Insta-Sat service offers more flexibility than any other consumer broadband satellite service available," said D. M. (Bud) Burton, Mobil Satellite Technologies' president and CEO. "With the RV DataSat840 antenna and Insta-Sat service, we have designed the perfect satellite Internet solution for people who need reliable broadband service outside of 4G cellular coverage areas. Not having to sign an annual contract for service is a perfect fit for many RV owners."

Mobil Satellite Technologies is a satellite network operator and major supplier of land-mobile, marine, portable, and fixed broadband satellite solutions to business and Government customers throughout the USA and internationally. With more than 5,000 satellite systems installed, Mobil Satellite Technologies is currently celebrating their 18th year designing, selling, installing, and servicing satellite communications systems.

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