Ghosts Don't Take Summer Vacations in Orange County, New York

Year-round spirits inhabit some interesting spots in Orange County, N.Y.

A little girl runs across the village green only to disappear into thin air, while strange sounds come from a cemetery while you’re alone. No, you’re not imagining it, these and other Orange County, New York, sites have been documented by paranormal experts and countless witnesses who have personally experienced the ghostly events.

Orange County is part of The Haunted History Trail, a statewide program that lists verified ghost-inhabited places and sites with unexplained phenomena. All are open to the public and most are year-round. Orange County currently has five haunted and spooky places to beware of.

This summer, make a reservation for a Ghost Tour at Museum Village in Monroe. You might meet the founder of this living history museum even though he’s been dead for years. And that little girl? She’s in a homespun dress and bonnet playing catch-me-if-you-can, but you can’t because she fades away before your eyes. Your guide is a medium who knows the stories of the museum’s spirits, where to feel “the vortex” in some of its buildings, and why you shiver at the sudden gusts of cold in the middle of summer.

“Ghost Tour” dates are July 12, 26; 31, and Aug.14 for guests age 15 and above. To make a reservation, call 845-782-8247, or visit:

The peacefulness of Port Jervis’ Laurel Grove Cemetery is sometimes interrupted by the vision of a woman dressed in flowing white gown. She suddenly appears from behind a mausoleum, glides along the banks of the Neversink and Delaware rivers, only to disappear into the mist. At other times, cemetery officials have been startled by unexplained crashing sounds coming out of nowhere. Police investigation has yielded no clues even though the investigators have heard the din themselves.

The cemetery is open daily from dawn to dusk, and visitors can also walk down its carriage road to the Tri-State Rock, the famous landmark where New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania meet at the convergence of the two rivers. Admission is free. To learn more, call 845-858-4000.

It’s best not to sleep alone if you spend the night at the Pine Bush House Bed & Breakfast. According to the innkeepers, all of the rooms in this 1905 Victorian home have unique décor and different ghosts. Visitors are often surprised when the quiet elegance is upset by the sounds of footsteps upstairs, people laughing, and doors “accidentally” locking when no one else is in the house. Except, perhaps, “George” who inhabits the third floor where two lovely bedrooms are available for guests. Sleep well.

There are ghost investigations and psychic readings for those too frightened to stay overnight with the spirits. The inn is open through mid-December with rates from $175 to $275 per night along with special “Ghost Hunt packages.” 845-744-3641,

The spookiness continues within walking distance of the B&B. The Village of Pine Bush has earned the well-deserved designation as the “UFO Capital of the East Coast.” People come from all over the world to commune with extraterrestrial visitors, and many have succeeded. Eerie lights in the woods and strange hovering aircraft have been spotted here since the early 1960’s. Paranormal experts agree that this is the one place to be if you want to meet an alien. 845-744-8230,

Unexpected footsteps and sounds with no explanation, disappearing items, and ghostly shapes are just daily occurrences at Silvio’s Italian Villa in Warwick. When the North Jersey Paranormal Researchers visited the restaurant, they recorded the staff’s multiple accounts of strange happenings on the property. Swallow your fear and have dinner at Table 24 if you dare. Ask about former resident Roy Vail and what happened in that very spot!

Dinner is available Tuesday through Sunday starting at noon. 845-987-1500,

For a multitude of things to do that don’t involve ghosts, visit the Facebook page, Orange County Tourism NY. It’s a great guide for up-to-the minute postings of events and activities, fun times, and memorable experiences in the Hudson Valley’s scenic Orange County.

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