Camp Shield Kit from EcoFreshUSA protects campsites from insects

Just in time for summer, there is a new product that forms multiple lines of defense against crawling and flying insects.

According to a company release, Camp Shield Kit is an environmentally safe advanced product from EcoFresh, a manufacturer of all natural insecticides, odor controls and cleaning products.

Camp Shield Kit protects you from outdoor pests that make you miserable, like ants, spiders and mosquitoes. Besides being nuisances, some of these undesirable insects can be deadly. The bite of a spider or sting of a wasp could have grave repercussions for an allergic person, and even mosquitoes have been known to carry deadly diseases like malaria and the West Nile virus.

In the past you would need to buy several different bottles of insecticides to do what The Camp Shield Kit can do. Now one resealable bag contains six items to protect an average campsite for up to 28 days.

The cornerstone of the kit is Camp Shield, a granular insecticide and repellent that can protect an area of 400 square feet for up to 28 days. Also included are specific products to control mosquitoes, other crawling insects along with bed bugs.
The product is perfect for camping, fishing, hunting or other confined activities in an outdoor location.

According to Chris Kaplan, vice president and director of operations at EcoFreshUSA, “While we’re tough on bugs at EcoFresh, we also believe in protecting the environment. All of our ingredients meet or exceed federal safety regulations.”

“We are so sure of our products,” Kaplan added, “that we guarantee the Camp Shield Kit will keep pests away from your outdoor camp site or other location.”
It’s a jungle out there! Be prepared with a Camp Shield Kit.

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