Mackinaw City Vacation: Part II - Mackinac Island

 On our vacation to Mackinac City, we arrived at Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping campground in the early evening of Monday, July 1. The second day - the first full day - we spent on Mackinac Island.

You can read about Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping in the Part I post by clicking here.

One of the nice benefits of Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping was that it sold discounted tickets to Star Line Ferry, and the ferry also has free shuttle service to the campground for both us and our bikes.

The island, once again, did not disappoint. It's a splendid balance of Victorian nostalgia, Up North scenery, Fudge-alicious dining and tourist trap tackiness. We spent a long day on the island, biking the 8-mile perimter (which is a state highway!), window-shopping along Main Street and exploring Arch Rock as well as Fort Mackinac and Fort Holmes.

Hope you enjoy the video!