National Parks Promotion Council salutes one of its partners: Forever Resorts

The National Parks Promotion Council (NPPC), a non-profit membership organization, brings together
public and private resources for the purpose of assisting the National Park service in its mission to “… promote National Parks as one of the world’s premiere travel destinations in order to increase visitor appreciation and use of these treasured landscapes and educational resources.”

I encourage you to visit their website. It's loaded with great information, videos, feature articles, research and special offers on the National Parks and their surrounding communities.

Another feature on its website is a list of the organization's partners, including Forever Resorts. The NPPC featured Forever Resorts in its most recent newsletter.

Here's the story:

Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, Forever Resorts owns and operates more than 65 vacation and entertainment properties in or near national parks, recreation areas and national forests across the United States. 

Established in 1981 by Rex Maughan, the Forever Resorts' first acquisitions were the Callville Bay Resort & Marina and Cottonwood Cove Resort at Lake Mead NRA in Nevada. The company then added leisure service operations at Rocky Mountain, Grand Teton, Isle Royale, Mammoth Cave, Lake Amistad, Badlands, Lake Meredith, Blue Ridge Parkway, Big Bend, Padre Island and Olympic National Parks.

Today, it operates 26 lodging and tour operations at eight properties in national parks, seven houseboat marinas, five small boat marinas and 38 resort properties, many of which are located in Europe and Africa.

"Most people in parks and tourism think of us as a leisure business, but we're much more than that," said Kathy Kratzer, Forever's national director of sales. "The Forever Family, and that's how we refer to ourselves, as we truly are a family, includes 10,000 associates, worldwide and 9.5 million distributors of Forever Living products in 150 countries. 

"We are involved in ranching, agriculture manufacturing and distribution." Ms. Kratzer continued, "Sixty percent of all aloe vera products sold in the world are produced by us. Our Texas manufacturing facility is the state's largest exporter. We work directly and closely with our customers and that's bred a reputation for quality products and exceptional customer service. That same culture exists throughout Forever Resorts." 

"It all comes from Rex Maughan, our founder and president." She continued, "His word is gold. Despite all he's accomplished, he's down to earth. Rex loves animals and takes a personal interest in protecting the places we serve. If ever we say something needs changing, he supports us, doesn't cut corners, and gives us the tools to do it right." 

Forever holds many distinctions and kudos. It manufactures its own houseboats, from small family rental boats to 75-foot luxury houseboats. Forever Resorts was the first houseboat rental company to have all of its fleet compliant to U.S. Coast Guard recommendations for carbon monoxide certification on every operating unit. It recently won an OSHA award for a voluntary protection program that innovated ways to keep guests safe. And, at Lake Mead NRA, Forever designed and built a 70-foot houseboat, called Forever Earth, that was donated to the non-profit Outside Las Vegas and the NPS for use on the lake as a floating research lab and classroom dedicated to protecting Lake Mead's water quality. Forever Resorts was the first and remains the only U.S. multi-location hospitality, marine and lodging company to earn ISO 14000 certification for each of its properties.

At International Pow Wow 2013, Forever Resorts will be one of the national park partners exhibiting on Federal Row.