Michigan DNR reminds residents and travelers: Don’t let a fire ruin your camping weekend

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is asking all recreationalists to use caution while enjoying their campfires.

“Campfires and outdoor cooking are very popular this time of year,” said Ada Takacs, DNR fire prevention specialist. “We can all do our part and make sure our families and natural resources are safe by taking a few simple precautions.”

Takacs said the following tips for fire safety should be kept in mind during the summer:
  • Keep campfires small. 
  • Always have a water source available. 
  • Never leave a fire unattended. 
  • Do not dump coals from barbecues until they are completely extinguished and cold.
  • Before you go to bed, flip over logs and stir water into embers to ensure the fire is truly out. 
Bill O’Neill, chief of the DNR’s Forest Resources Division, said these tips are particularly important because the majority of wildfires in Michigan are human-caused.

“No one wants an escaped campfire to ruin a weekend that’s supposed to be relaxing and fun,” said O’Neill, who also serves as state forester. “Recreationalists are urged to make sure their campfires are completely out before leaving them unattended.”

So far this fire season the DNR has responded to 159 wildfires, which have burned 524 acres. For more tips and information about wildfire safety, visit www.michigan.gov/preventwildfires.