Michgan state-owned land available at auction now through May 2

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is offering more than 25 state-owned properties in four www.michigan.gov/landforsale. The auction began Wednesday, April 3, and will run through May 2, 2013. Properties in Berrien, Manistee, Menominee and Newaygo counties are available for bid.
Michigan counties for sale by sealed-bid auction at

These properties range in size from less than an acre to 200 acres. They vary in character from riverside and lakeside parcels to forested properties. Sealed bids must be postmarked by midnight on May 2, and will be opened on May 8.

Details about each property (including the minimum bid amount, photos, map, property descriptions and conditions of sale) are available by clicking on Land Auction. Instructions to submit a bid can be found on the printable bid form behind the property information.

Other unsold land from previous auctions remains available for purchase at the listed price. View these properties by clicking “Surplus Land to BUY NOW!”

Printed property information and bid forms may be requested from Real Estate Services Section, P.O. Box 30448, Lansing, MI 48909-7948 or by calling 517-373-1250.

These are tax-reverted lands; the proceeds provide future outdoor recreational opportunities in keeping with the mission of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.