My weird RV dream

I had a weird dream about our camper.

At the risk of subjecting myself to severe speculation on my sanity, I'm going to tell you about my dream.

In my dream, I was a passenger in the truck owned by a friend of my Uncle Ed. His name is Joe, and his F250 diesel is one of those vehicles that was built to tow things. Big things. Heavy things. Like his big and heavy travel trailer. But in my dream he's pulling my small, lightweight camper.

Uncle Ed is in the truck, too.

In my professional opinion, you're bonkers.
So we're in Joe's truck, he's pulling my camper and we're going fast. He goes fast over a set of three railroad tracks. These track are surrounded by woods.

A few hundreds yards or so we go down a very steep hill and I hear the camper bottom out behind us.

From the back seat of Joe's quad cab truck, I turn around and see that the camper became separated from the truck. So, I yell for him to stop. Which he does.

We drive back to the camper, and as we're getting closer I notice the only thing left of it is the floor. Nothing but the floor and everything under it. The floorboards were planks that looked like the floor of an old boat, and it was stripped clean of everything on top of it.

Not being stupid — remember, I'm dreaming — we decide to back track and find the rest of my camper.

Of course, we find it back at the railroad tracks. Well, we find the pile of it anyways. But what was weird — weirder — was that it was a big pile of camper, but none if it was broken. It was like someone had disassembled the camper, piece by piece, and put it in a big pile. I distinctly remember seeing in my dream the kitchen cupboards sitting there with stuff still neatly in them, just as we had packed them.

Being cheap, I decided I could salvage it.

So the three of us started trying to hook up the pile to Joe's truck. This makes no sense, because the floor and wheels of the camper were not underneath the pile of camper stuff, but whatever. This was my dream, and in it I am trying to hook up my camper pile to Joe's truck.

Of course, I can't. The cables are in a huge knotted ball bigger than a basketball. I am trying to unravel it, but it's not working. It seems the more cables I unravel, the bigger the knotted ball is becoming. I look around, only to see the green forest that surrounds us. The forest extends down the three sets of train tracks, like the tracks are a hallway through green walls.

That's when I see the train lights in the distance, and hear the train horn, and know that my big pile of camper is doomed.

Then I wake up.

Crazy? You bet!
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My family (wife and three kids, sometimes the dog) and I have been RV campers since 2007. We own a 2000 Trail-Lite B22 Bantam hybrid, our tow vehicle is a 2006 Trailblazer LT EXT (5.3 V8 with 3.73 Rear Axle Ratio), and our setup includes the Equalizer sway controller. Looking to upgrade the camper in the near future, but until then we get out 2-3 times a month in season.