Day Five of the Fall Detroit RV Show

Sunday was the fifth and final day of the 21st Annual Fall Detroit Camper & RV Show. It was a great day and a fitting end to what has turned out to be a very successful RV Show.

If you want, you can go back and read my posts from Day One, Day Two, Day Three and Day Four.

My previous posts all included videos, and I wish I had a video for you today. In fact, I intended on meeting up with Bill Sheffer, Director of the Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds, for him to provide some final thoughts on the show. But each time I stopped by his office, no one was around. He's a busy guy, and I'm sure he was out on the floor somewhere.

Had I ran into him and videoed him for this blog, I'm sure he would have said that it was a huge success; attendance figures were through the roof and RV dealers and vendors all had glowing reports of their efforts. And he would be right on all accounts.

While walking around the show today, I made a point to ask a handful of salespeople how the show had been for them, and every one said they sold a lot of RVs and made a lot of leads for sales in the very near future. That's a great sign!

Vendors I talked to said the same thing, that they were very busy and people were very receptive to what they were offering. In fact, Rick Stafford from River Ridge RV Resort said Sunday that three couples he talked to were interested enough in his RV resort that they were going to drive up there that day and take a look around. Incredible!

Today I was at the show with my dad and four of my uncles, all of us RVers. It was great just to be out with all of them. I got to show them some of the campers and motor homes I thought were highlights of the show. We ran into one of my mom's co-workers, and she and her husband seemed to be settling in on a new fifth-wheel they saw at the show.

All in all, it was a great show. And now the countdown begins for the 45th Annual Camper & RV Show at the Rock Financial Showplace on Feb. 16-20. Can't wait!

Final note: Sometime this week I will put together a final recap of the Fall RV Show, complete with video. I'll post it here, but also at the companion blog I do at and for my work at
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