Caffeinated Marshmallows. Seriously.

Today, Aug. 30, is national Toasted Marshmallow Day.

In honor of this holiday I just found out about, I bring you something no parent would ever invent, the caffeine-injected marshmallow.

That's right, the folks at Stay-Puft have apparently lost their heads because they have come out with a new marshmallow that has 100 mg of caffeine injected into it. They come 24 to a rubbery-sided collectible box. Oh, and the box costs $19.99.

Think of it: for 83 cents per marshmallow, you can get your kid hopped up on caffeine and sugar at the same time! Isn't that gooey awesomeness! And if you eat them as s'mores, the chocolate just adds more fuel to the up-all-night fire!

I can see it now: Johnny, how did you like your s'more? It-was-great-grandma-can-I-have-20-more-just-like-it-and-can-we-take-a-bike-ride-and-maybe-I-can-rotate-the-tires-on-the-motorhome-too?

Seriously, folks. And they wonder why there's an obesity problem in America, and a caffeine dependency, too.
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