Not gonna camp this Memorial Day Weekend

I am going to commit camping sacrilege this year. We are not going camping this Memorial Day Weekend. Instead, we are going to put the camper in the driveway and de-winterize it.

Yup. I haven't even gotten it ready for the season yet.

Don't want to bore you with details, but with three kids all doing something every night of the week, plus weekends, I just simply haven't had the time.

I know, I know. No excuses. You're right. There is no excuse not to have the camper ready for Memorial Day Weekend. I can only humbly ask for your forgiveness.

So what will I do this weekend? Work on the camper!

Going to pull it out of my top-secret storage location, park it in the driveway and clean the inside, flush out the anti-freeze, wash the outside, and finish the mod I started last year.

The mod I'm talking about was installing the stainless steel rock guard. Actually, the main reason for the rock guard mod was to permanently fix a failing seam where the front panel met the floor. The glue was no longer holding, so the front panel was quickly coming apart from the bottom of the camper. The rock guard starts under the front bed (we have a bybrid), and then wraps under the bottom of the camper. Stainless steel carriage bolts along the top and bottom edge keep it in place, along with a healthy dose of silicone.

This weekend, when I finish the mod (just need some touch-ups on the inside storage area), I'll take pictures and post them in an album on the Gr8LakesCamper Facebook fan page for all to see.

Then it'll be time for camping!
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My family (wife and three kids, sometimes the dog) and I have been RV campers since 2007. We own a 2000 Trail-Lite B22 Bantam hybrid, our tow vehicle is a 2006 Trailblazer LT EXT (5.3 V8 with 3.73 Rear Axle Ratio), and our setup includes the Equalizer sway controller. Looking to upgrade the camper in the near future, but until then we get out 2-3 times a month in season.