RV Gear: SHOWPRO One, the World's First 'Intelligent Walkie Talkie-Camcorder'

Editor's note: This press release caught my eye. It could be a marriage saver for RVing couples, as anyone who uses their spouse as a spotter to help with backing the RV into a campsite can attest. On second thought, the camcorder would mean she could see my facial reactions to her directions. Might not be the best idea.

SHOWPRO Tech, an emerging intelligent camcorder technology provider based in Shenzhen, China, will launch its latest achievement - Hybrid DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) Walkie Talkie-camcorder at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

As one of SHOWPRO Tech's latest products, SHOWPRO One will be the major spotlight on the show. Before its CES debut, SHOWPRO One is already listed on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo for pre orders. The crowdfunding campaign will last till the end of February 2017 and products will hit the market in March. ($519 for a pair; $958 for a 4-pack)

The new intelligent camcorder is designed for outdoor activity enthusiasts of the digital age. It combines the functions of a digital mobile radio, a video camera and a recorder, and all these functions are connected by SHOWPRO app via Wi-Fi connection. When people are hiking, mountaineering rafting, camping, and sailing, no matter how tough the environment is, they can still use SHOWPRO to communicate with others. They can also record what happened during the trip and share with others via SHOWPRO app.

The safety and fun of an adventure will be largely guaranteed due to several amazing features coming with SHOWPRO One. Firstly, the device's digital mobile radio allows people to communicate within a maximum of 5 km and the working hour is up to one to three days.

As a camcorder, SHOWPRO One is also equipped with a 1080P/30FPS HD camera embedding low illumination level photography technology to allow shooting in the dark and recording HD videos up to 10hours. And its built-in GPS can pin down the location and trajectory during the journey. The intelligent camcorder also adopts the IP68 waterproof function, which is the highest standard of the waterproof performance among digital devices. Its night vision feature allows people to still function within 20 meters of darkness.

The SHOWPRO team spent nearly two years in R&D before they created the world's first intelligent camcorder. "The whole process was very challenging in both design and the technology development. But we made it. We are creating a new landscape in the camcorder industry and a new era, where people can enjoy outdoor activities safely and also share their fun experiences with others," commented Jackie Liu, CEO of SHOWPRO Tech.