Gear Review: Crasher XL Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I so much wanted to review the Crasher XL, a "Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker" from JLab Audio, on our next camping trip. I had visions of sitting by the campfire with my family and listening to my “Walking the Dog” playlist of singer-songwriters such as Kenny Loggins, Van Morrison and Jimmy Buffett, on my iPhone.

Unfortunately, we live in Michigan and we weren’t able to get out before the weather turned cold and brought our camping season to an end

So I did the next best thing: I listened to Pandora Internet Radio on the Crasher XL while winterizing my camper.

The convenience of a portable speaker with good sound was wonderful as I went about draining the lines and adding RV antifreeze to the camper, plus all the other normal things you do when you get a camper ready for winter.

At this point I can only imagine it, but I’m sure the Crasher XL will be especially welcome at a campsite where we may or may not have a clear signal for radio stations. Similarly, I’m very eager to try it out next season when I’m relaxing around the campfire, snoozing in the hammock or lounging in the zero-gravity recliner chair.

I can appreciate its metal construction and it absolutely feels like it was last for years to come. Likewise, it being splash-proof is another benefit that will probably come in handy as unexpected rain and camping seem to go hand in hand, not to mention trips to the beach.

To be clear, I’m no audiophile, but here are some things about the Crasher XL that I thought were worth mentioning:

  • Three drivers and two passive subwoofers deliver JLab’s signature C3 (Crystal Clear Clarity) sound in a 30-watt package.
  • The Crasher XL provides 13 hours of Bluetooth playtime.
  • With a foolproof outside structure and splashproof design, Crasher XL is IPX6 rated so it can endure pool splashes and even a rinse-off. 
  • Providing a super durable full metal body, the Crasher XL will survive even the worst party fouls.
  • With Bluetooth 4.0, you can stream your music from up to 30 feet away or plug it in to your phone. 
  • A built-in mic and speaker phone make taking calls easier than ever, giving you the perfect accessory for all of your multitasking needs (or while laying poolside).
  • Crasher works with any mobile device with Bluetooth technology, including Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, Google Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry smartphones, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, PlayStation Vita and more.
  • With every Crasher Bluetooth Speaker purchase, you'll receive three months free of Pandora One. Verify your purchase to get your redemption code and ad-free music.
  • For the audiophile: (1) hi-fi neodymium drivers (1.75”, 10 watts) + (2) lo-fi drivers (2”, 10 watts) + (2) passive subwoofers; IPX6 - Splash-proof, Rinse-able; 13-hour battery life, 5200 mAh / Charge time: 6 hours; 83 dB Volume Max; Bluetooth 4.0 with 30-foot range; Speaker phone and mic; .62 lbs, 7.25 x 2.62 x 1.13 inches; C3 (Crystal Clear Clarity) technology; Frequency Range: 85-20KHz
  • Includes Micro USB Cable; Includes Paracord + JLab Clip; Features universal ¼”-20 screw-in (for tripods, mounts and more); Aux-In port.

Bottom line: The Crasher XL is a solidly built wireless speaker delivering excellent sound.

Disclosure: I received the Crasher XL in exchange for my unbiased honest review. Seriously. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't have posted any review at all.