Rollin' On TV video: Jayco, Thetford and Gulf Stream at the National RV Trade Show

In this episode (#2015-02), Rollin' on TV continue their visit to the RVIA Industry Show last December in Louisville, Kentucky with a look at Toy Haulers from small entry level models to large, luxurious fifth-wheels. The crew also visits the Thetford booth to see what's new for 2015.

About Rollin' on TV
Now in its fourth year of production, Rollin’ On TV has become a leading RV, lifestyle television program reaching over 30 million homes on both cable and satellite TV. The weekly program is also available online. For additional information and for times and days the show airs, visit

RV Education 101 video: Dometic Portable Toilets for Tent Campers, Boats & Small RVs

Enjoy this video from Mark Polk of RV Education 101 on Dometic Portable Toilets for Tent Campers, Boats & Small RVs.

Here's what Mark had to say about his video:
In this informative RV video Mark Polk with RV Education 101 demonstrates the features and benefits of Dometic's 970 Series portable toilets. These portable toilets are the perfect solution for tent campers, boats and small RVs

RV Education 101 e-book series
As I've said many times, Mark Polk is my favorite RV expert. I'm pleased he and his wife, Dawn, have allowed me to sell his RV e-book series. E-books (electronic books) are immediately downloaded to your computer after you make the purchase. The RV Education 101 e-book series includes:
  • "The Original Checklist for RVers"
  • "The RV Book"
  • "RV Campground Basics"
  • "101 Tips for RVers"
  • "RV Care and Maintenance"
  • "Insiders Guide to Buying an RV"
  • "Winterizing & Storing your RV"
  • "RV Awning Use & Care"
  • "Deep Cycle Battery Care & Maintenance"
  • "RV Buyers Survival Guide"
  • "Complete Guide To: RV Towing, Weights, Hitch Work & Backing"
  • "Pop-Up Basics 101"
  • "Dinghy Towing"

Report All Poaching hotline helps connect Michigan DNR conservation officers with the public

The sign – Law Enforcement Communications Section – is as nondescript as the standard office door on an unadorned white wall deep within the recesses of Constitution Hall in the state government building complex in Lansing, Michigan. But inside that secured door is a non-stop center of activity: the RAP Room.

The RAP (Report All Poaching) Room is staffed 24/7 by as many as seven personnel at a time. It is the main link between the public and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ Law Enforcement Division.

During hunting season peak activity, Lt. Steve Burton oversees
the daily operation of as many as six dispatchers manning
the RAP (Report All Poaching) Line. (DNR photos)
The Report All Poaching hotline was created in 1980 when the state Legislature designated a small percentage of the money raised by hunting and fishing license sales toward developing an easy method for citizens to report illegal hunting and fishing activity to the DNR. It has grown into a 1,000-square-foot room, outfitted with the kind of high-tech equipment one often finds at county or state regional dispatch centers. At each of the workstations, six computer dispatchers working in the RAP Roomscreens give dispatchers as much information as they could possibly need to direct the state’s conservation officers to the scene of a complaint – and what the COs need to know once they get there.

Computer screens display information on the current location of COs (through the GPS monitoring equipment on their patrol vehicles), as well as access to the state’s Law Enforcement Information Network, the state’s licensing records, the radio system, the Internet, and even the criminal history of those whom the COs contact. 

“Our dispatchers try to gather the best information they can and send it to the officer as quickly as possible,” explained Lt. Steven Burton, who runs the RAP Room as part of his duties. 

Each of the roughly 6,500 criminal complaints that come in by phone call or the Internet into the RAP Room each year is recorded. Some of them are so vague or untimely that nothing can be done to resolve them, but the DNR’s success rate in responding to these complaints is outstanding. So far, nearly 30 percent of the complaints (5,665 through the beginning of deer season) this year have resulted in an arrest.

“Recently, we’ve made quite a few illegal deer cases,” Burton said. “We are well upwards of $50,000 in reimbursement to the state and many of those cases haven’t been completed, as they are still under investigation.”

As many as 50 percent of the calls that come into the RAP Room do not involve a criminal complaint, Burton said. 

“We get a lot of calls about general rules or policy or people just seeking information,” he explained. “When people want information they often call the RAP line. We encourage these types of callers to try their local offices first, as this frees up phone lines for ongoing criminal complaints.”

“Our dispatchers are required to know all of our laws, rules and regulations – hunting and fishing, ORV, marine safety, land use – even environmental laws,” Burton said. “Lots of laws.”

The RAP Room is busiest from October through December, during hunting season, Burton said, with seasonal bumps during other periods of high outdoors activity – fish migration seasons, holiday weekends, snowmobile season, etc. Calls tend to come in most often during early-morning hours or the first hour or so after dark, he said, though they filter in all day long.

“Noon is busy, too,” Burton said. “People who don’t have cell phones and are out hunting in the morning might make their calls when they come in for lunch.” Calls also come in after people return home from work for the same reason. 

Conservation Officer Terry Short uses a plat map to cross-
reference information he receives from the RAP (Report All
Poaching) Line dispatchers while on patrol during deer
season in Menominee County. (DNR photos)
Dominique Clemente, a RAP Room emergency dispatch supervisor and an 18-year DNR veteran who has spent 16 years working at the hotline, calls it an interesting job. “It’s never the same day twice,” said Clemente, adding that the line receives a wide variety of complaints, including an occasional supposed Sasquatch sighting.

Sometimes it takes some coaxing to get the information they need out of callers, Clemente said. Callers are reminded to stay patient during the call as dispatchers ask very pertinent questions related to the specific crime being reported.

“They want us to know about something illegal that’s going on but they don’t want to be a snitch,” she said. “I just remind them the violator is stealing from you and me.” 

Conservation officer in vehicleRewards also are offered by the Report All Poaching program. Information leading to an arrest for a hunting or fishing violation reported through the hotline can net a caller up to $1,500 or even more depending on the case. 

Clemente said the staff’s main concern is giving the conservation officers the best information they can to help them do their job effectively and safely, though they do their best to satisfy the customer, too. In many cases, that involves answering broad questions – such as where’s a good place to fish – or advising some callers that their reported complaints are, in fact, not crimes. “The best we can do is point someone in the right direction,” she said.

Lt. Steve Burton and dispatcher Jarrod Fletcher work out the
details of a call to the RAP (Report All Poaching) Line.
As with any other office, the RAP Room is constantly changing, taking advantage of new and emerging technology. Right now, Burton said, the staff is figuring out how best to take complaints sent in by text messaging. A person sitting in a blind may not want to make the noise of the phone call, but is willing to text in a complaint. Other states have adopted this method of reporting violations and have seen a surge in contacts with the public. “I think it will increase the timeliness of our response, as well,” Burton said.

Besides interacting with the sporting public, the RAP Room also takes phone calls from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s Pollution Emergency Alerting System. This line alerts the DEQ to emergency spills and releases in Michigan.

More than a dispatch center, the RAP Room is a lifeline for officers patrolling remote areas of Michigan, often participating in critical search and rescue operations involving lost children, hunters or imperiled boaters on inland waterways or the vast waters of the Great Lakes. 

Being a conservation officer is a demanding job. It takes focus, dedication and professionalism. Every day a primary concern of the RAP Room is to ensure that all Michigan conservation officers return safely at shift’s end to their families and communities. Those dispatchers play a vital role in Michigan's natural resources protection team. 

To report a natural resource violation, please call the Report all Poaching hotline at 800-292-7800. To learn more about the work of conservation officers or to access the online RAP reporting form, visit

Video: A Long Look at the 2015 Jayco RVs

Enjoy this video from Jayco showing most of their travel trailers, fifth-wheels and motorhomes, including the Jay Feather, Pinnacle, White Hawk, Seneca, and Precept.

RV Cooking Show video: Outback eggs on the BBQ

In this episode of the RV Cooking Show, host Evanne Schmarder continues her trip to Australia to the BIG4 Aussie Outback in Charters Towers as she explores the area's mining history and puts Phantom Farms' Farmer Carl Walker's capsicums to work with outback eggs on the BBQ.

About The RV Cooking Show
The RV Cooking Show takes viewers on adventures to some of the most sought-after or interesting but little-known RV locations in the country and then creates a healthy, easy, delicious destination-related dish in host Evanne Schmarder’s RV kitchen. I strongly encourage you to visit The RV Cooking Show's website, follow them on Twitter (@RVCookingShow), like their Facebook page, subscribe to their YouTube Channel and follow the show's Pinterest boards, You can also keep up with Evanne on The RV Cooking Show's blog.

Incrediblanket stakes a claim as 'World's Best Outdoor Blanket'

The Incrediblanket from ABC Blankets Inc. is a major upgrade from the traditional picnic blanket. Entrepreneur and designer Chris Treister has confidence that his newest product will gain traction with everyone who loves spending time outdoors. To enable the first full-production run of the Incrediblanket, Treister has launched a Kickstarter campaign that has already blown past the funding goal of $10,000.

"We've spent two years refining the basic design of the Incrediblanket," explained Treister. "Today, the prototype is essentially perfect, and all we need is help from the community to make this vision a reality. People who've seen the blanket in person are instantly curious and want to know how they can get their own. Along with our successful Kickstarter, we've also secured some traditional funding to help make full production possible."

The uniqueness of the Incrediblanket's design lies in its patent-pending, built-in ground stakes. Functionally similar to tent stakes, four ground stakes are concealed under Velcro flaps at each of the blanket's corners. Hand pressure is all that's needed to drive each one firmly into place. The ground stakes prevent the usual twisting and folding that happens with regular blankets, especially when children run back and forth over them.

In addition to its convenient ground stakes, the Incrediblanket boasts a waterproof bottom layer. Even on wet sand, moisture won't penetrate the blanket, nor will dirt and debris stick to the blanket when it's time to pack up. Speaking of packing up, the Incrediblanket folds up smaller than most typical picnic blankets, despite its added features.

The Incrediblanket doesn't skimp on portability and convenience; it can be stored in the garage or in a car for quick access – an impromptu picnic, a day at the beach or sporting event, or simply an afternoon in the backyard are all made easy.

For a pledge of only $27, backers of ABC Blankets' Kickstarter campaign will receive an Incrediblanket from the first production run. Larger pledges naturally earn larger rewards. Campaign backers can expect their rewards by April 2015. Looking further ahead, ABC Blankets has deals already in place with retailers to carry the Incrediblanket.

About ABC Blankets Inc.
Company founder Chris Treister grew up in sunny Southern California with a passion for the outdoors. His beautiful wife Suzy and their three "energetic" children love going on picnics at the park or beach, and Chris and Suzy also enjoy snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking and camping.

Chris has always had the entrepreneurial bug. Even as a teen, his proverbial "wheels" were always turning, thinking of ways to improve upon existing products or services. He is extremely passionate about this new venture and expects that the Incrediblanket will be in everyone's home or car within the next few years.

Minnesota DNR:Reservations due soon for seasonal and monthly camping

Those who want to stay longer than a week or two at a Minnesota state park should act now to nab one of the few campsites available for longer stays, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

At a limited number of state park campsites, visitors can stay for a whole month or even a full season. Reservations for these opportunities in 2015 are due by Saturday, Jan. 31.

For pricing and other park-specific information, or to submit a request to reserve a site, prospective visitors can call the phone numbers listed below or check the DNR website at

Nine Minnesota state parks have monthly and seasonal openings for camping in 2015.

  • Big Stone Lake State Park (320-839-3663) in Ortonville will offer monthly and seasonal camping from May 1 to Sept. 6 at two sites with an electric hookup.
  • Hayes Lake State Park (218-754-2200) south of Roseau will offer monthly or seasonal camping from May 8 to Sept. 6 at seven sites with electric hookups.
  • Kilen Woods State Park will offer monthly and seasonal camping from May 22 to Sept. 6 at three sites with electric hookups. Call Phil Nasby at 507-831-2900, ext. 225, for information.
  • Lac qui Parle State Park (320-734-4450) in Montevideo will offer monthly or seasonal camping from May 1 to Sept. 6 at three electric campsites and one with a full hookup to water, sewer and electricity.
  • Lake Bronson State Park (218-754-2200) near Hallock will offer monthly or seasonal camping from May 8 to Sept. 6 at five electric sites.
  • Myre-Big Island State Park (507-379-3403) in Albert Lea will offer monthly or seasonal camping from May 1 to Sept. 6 at four campsites, three of which have electric hook-ups.
  • Old Mill State Park (218-754-2200) near Thief River Falls will offer monthly or seasonal camping from May 22 to Sept. 6 at seven sites with electricity and water. 
  • Rice Lake State Park (507-455-5871) in Owatonna will offer monthly or seasonal camping from May 1 to Sept. 6 at three campsites, two of which have electric hook-ups.
  • Upper Sioux Agency State Park (320-564-4777) in Granite Falls will offer monthly or seasonal camping from May 1 to Sept. 6 at two campsites, both of which have electric hook-ups.

If demand exceeds availability at a particular park, a lottery will be held on Monday, Feb. 2, and the park will notify applicants whether or not they were selected. If sites are available after this date, they will be administered on a first-come, first-served basis. No preference will be given to monthly or seasonal campers from prior years.

For monthly campsite reservations, the entire monthly fee is due by Friday, April 17. For seasonal campsite reservations, a one-month down payment is due by Friday, April 17, and the remainder of the seasonal fee is due when visitors arrive to check-in.  If a lottery is not necessary and sites are available after Jan. 31, the monthly fee must be paid at the time of reservation to hold the site.

Michigan DNR announces opening of Fred Meijer Clinton Ionia Shiawassee State Trail

The Fred Meijer Clinton Ionia Shiawassee Trail provides 42
miles of hiking and cycling opportunities through three counties.
The Michighan Department of Natural Resources today announced that the 42-mile Fred Meijer Clinton Ionia Shiawassee State Trail officially is complete and open to the public.

The highly anticipated pedestrian and bike trail runs from the city of Owosso (Shiawassee County) to the city of Ionia (Ionia County), where it connects to other trails to form a 125-mile regional trail system.

This trail project spans three counties and will provide opportunities for communities to connect their local trails and businesses to the State Trail Network. The construction included repair and replacement of several trestle bridges, asphalt paving within the towns and compacted limestone surfacing between the towns. The DNR will finish the last few features such as edge restoration in spring, when the weather is more conducive to construction.

Improvements to the Fred Meijer Clinton Ionia
Shiawassee Trail include asphalt paving
between towns, as shown here.
“This trail has really been a great collaboration and many people are anxious to get out for a walk or a bike ride on the Fred Meijer Clinton Ionia Shiawassee State Trail,” said Ron Olson, chief of the DNR Parks and Recreation Division. “It’s a very exciting addition to the Michigan State Trails system, and the DNR is grateful to MDOT, the Meijer Foundation, Mid-West Michigan Trail Authority, our local communities, Friends groups, and all the other partners for their support throughout the project.”

Formerly belonging to the Central Michigan Railroad, the rail corridor was purchased in July 2007 by the Michigan Department of Transportation and the DNR with funds from the Federal Transportation Enhancement Program and Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund.

An official grand opening celebration will be held by the Mid-West Michigan Trail Authority, Friends of the Fred Meijer Clinton Ionia Shiawassee State Trail and other partners in spring 2015. The DNR will announce details about the grand opening via press release and email subscription. Visit to sign up for email updates.

Timber Ridge RV & Recreation Resort acquires closed amusemet park photo
Below is an excerpt from an article posted by The Traverse Ticker. Read the original report.

The owner of one of Traverse City's most popular recreational sites could breathe new life into a long-shuttered amusement park in Interlochen.

Gordon Wagner, owner of Timber Ridge RV & Recreation Resort, has purchased the former Fun Country property on US-31 in Interlochen. The 40-acre parcel includes waterslides and equipment, mini-golf course and a 2,058-square foot, four-bedroom home.

Wagner told Beth Milligan of The Ticker that he his interest in the Fun Country property stemmed from a “combination of things,” including equipment he could “possibly relocate” to his East Hammond Road park. Asked if putting the site's waterslides into use at Timber Ridge is one possibility, the owner affirms yes, though he says he needs to ascertain their condition first to determine whether that's a realistic scenario.

Wagner says he's particularly interested in the wooded back half of the property. “I looked at a seasonal RV park as a logical idea for that area,” he says. “It's a half mile back, so you could put a commercial development on the property up front (along US-31), and it wouldn't even bother the back. If I did something like that, I could run an easement road back there (to access the park).”

Though Wagner stresses all possible uses for the park and its assets are still in “the very early stages,” he's open to exploring the full potential of the property.

Detroit Camper & RV Show, Feb. 4-8, shaping up to be ‘best ever’

The “stars are lining up” for the 49th Annual Detroit Camper & RV Show to be one of the best ever, organizers said.

Sponsored by the Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles and Campgrounds (MARVAC), the Detroit Camper & RV Show is Feb. 4-8 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Mich. (located on Grand River, between Novi Road and Beck Road).

“If our show can be anywhere near the success of the shows in Cleveland, Tampa and elsewhere, we anticipate one of our best shows ever,” said Bill Sheffer, MARVAC’s director and the show manager. “With gas prices going down, interest rates staying down and the consumer demand for RVs at an all-time high – not to mention the 10,000 to 15,000 Baby Boomers retiring every day so more and more people are interested in the RV lifestyle – the stars are lining up. It was a good 2014 and 2015 is shaping up for us to have another good year.”

More than 300 units from 14 dealers will be on display, plus 52 vendors and their exhibit booths, to take up all 214,000 square feet of available showroom floor. All types of new 2015 recreation vehicles will be there—over 275 units and 50 brands displayed including folding campers, motor homes, travel trailers, truck campers, fifth wheel travel trailers and toy haulers, ranging in price from $6,995 to more than $400,000. 

Two new RVs will be at the Detroit show for the first time – the Cricket, a space-age looking trailer built by Taxa Inc., a Houston-based company formed by a NASA design engineer, and high-end Entegra Coach Class A’s, including the Aspire, Anthem and flagship Cornerstone brands. The Entegra motorhomes, a division of Jayco Inc., will be brought to the Detroit show by TerryTown RV Superstore in Grand Rapids, Mich. The Cricket is being brought by Westland Camping Center in Westland, Mich.

In addition, booths featuring parts and accessories, campground information, on-site RV financing and RV rentals make this the complete RV show experience.

At the show, enter to win event tickets and camping packages for 2015 summer MIS events from the Michigan International Speedway (Winning package includes camping and tickets to an MIS event of your choice).

Discount admission coupon available at, Big Boy restaurants, Biggby Coffee locations and in area newspapers. With this special coupon, all consumers can get $1-off any adult or senior admission.

Consumers can pick up the new 2015 RV & Campsite—the definitive guide to camping excursions and RV dealers in Michigan. 
The 49th Annual Detroit Camper & RV Show will be held in Novi at the Suburban Collection Showplace and is open weekdays 2-9 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m.-9 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m.-6 p.m. The cost for adult admission (ages 13 and up) is $10; senior admission is $9; children ages 12 and under are admitted free! Parking is not included in admission.

Consumers can call 517.349.8881 or visit for additional information on the RV show.

Guest post: Bicycle Adventures encourages off-season training With Cycling in Death Valley, Cross-Country Ski Workouts in the Cascades

A seven-day Death Valley Training Tour beginning Feb. 8, 2015, is one of several mid-winter opportunities for bicycling enthusiasts to train and stay fit during the off season, thanks to leading tour operator Bicycle Adventures

Accessed through Las Vegas, this training brings guests into the heart of the 5,219-square-mile Death Valley National Park spanning Nevada and California and into a salubrious winter climate. Participants enjoy seven days of coaching, individualized training and skill development while cycling an average of 60 miles daily. Included in the $2,595 per person* (double) rate are accommodation at Furnace Creek Ranch, most meals, bicycles, strength training and skills coaching. See: *NOTE: With some minor changes to the trip, Bicycle Adventures was actually able to lower the price for 2015 by $850 (last year’s tour was priced at $3,445.)

A second training tour is their Methow Valley Cross Country Ski Tour Feb. 8 to Feb. 22, 2015, designed for those who want to learn to cross-country ski, skate-ski or simply hone skills. Washington's Methow Valley is the nation's largest cross-country ski area, with over 120 miles of groomed trails. Tours are led by seasoned Bicycle Adventures guides and cross-country ski experts Teri Smith and Laurie Stephens. The per person double rate is $2,495 including accommodation, most meals, gear, instruction and training focusing on building a more athletic body and focusing on non-cycling weaknesses. See!

California factors in again in February with a trip new for 2015, the Palm Desert Classic, with departures Feb. 2, 9 and 23 and again in October. The Palm Desert Classic tour is a five-day ride for all ability levels through Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park and the Coachella Valley. Accommodation is at the Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa. Lodging, most meals, bikes and guides are included in the $2,795 per person (double) rate. See:!  Participants on the February 9 departure might also want to sign up for the 17th Annual Tour de Palm Springs, a one-day ride on Feb. 14, 2015.  The event, featuring thousands of riders, is designed to raise money for nonprofit organizations in the Coachella Valley.

In each season there’s a reason for introducing the body and mind to different ways of training, believes Todd Starnes, Bicycle Adventures’ Owner and President.
The biggest reason is to develop a more athletic body that admits a wider range of motion than dedicated cyclists may generally use. “Core training and developing upper body strength are a great start and help maintain cardiovascular fitness. And there’s a bonus! It keeps those winter pounds off while giving your body and mind a rest and diversion from cycling,” Starnes adds.
For more information and 2015 trip availability and reservations contact Bicycle Adventures by phone: 800.443.6060, email: or visit online at:

About Bicycle Adventures 
Scenic byways, four and five-star accommodations and local dining and visits to National Parks are trademarks of Bicycle Adventures, founded in 1984.  Types of tours include Classic (25-50 miles a day), Classic Plus (50-60 miles a day) and Epic (70+ miles a day with the most demanding terrain). Value-driven Frugal trips offer budget-conscious lodging and meals with full van support; Family tours offer multi-sport adventures and riding on safe, scenic bike paths.
Pre-set and custom tours embrace the Pacific Northwest into Canada, California and the Southwest, as well as Colorado, the Dakotas, New York, Hawaii, New Zealand, Spain’s Basque region and Taiwan. Excelling in its own backyard the Issaquah, WA-based company’s line-up includes a National Geographic ‘Tours of a Lifetime’ award-winning Empire Epic cycling tour from Washington to Montana’s Glacier National Park, urban adventures in Seattle and Portland and immersions into the craft beer industry in Oregon and Washington.

RV Cooking Show video: Outback Eggs at Charters Towers BIG4 Aussie Outback

I'm pleased to bring you the first of what will be regular video contributions from the RV Cooking Show. Host Evanne Schmarder, an engaging and friendly person whom I've had the pleasure of meeting several times, says her RV Cooking Show is "a virtual cooking class on wheels."

This episode continues Evanne's trip to Australia. Farmer Carl Walker from Phantom Farms in Bowen, Queensland, Australia stopped by the Bowen BIG4 Coral Coast Beachfront Holiday Park with plenty of fresh produce and stories to tell.

About The RV Cooking Show
The RV Cooking Show takes viewers on adventures to some of the most sought-after or interesting but little-known RV locations in the country and then creates a healthy, easy, delicious destination-related dish in host Evanne Schmarder’s RV kitchen. I strongly encourage you to visit The RV Cooking Show's website, follow them on Twitter (@RVCookingShow), like their Facebook page, subscribe to their YouTube Channel and follow the show's Pinterest boards, You can also keep up with Evanne on The RV Cooking Show's blog.

Holiday Rambler debuts new Admiral, new floorplan for Ambassador

Holiday Rambler debuted the new 2016 Admiral as well as revealed a new floorplan for the Ambassador at the RVIA National RV Trade Show last month in Louisville.

The 2016 Admiral Class A Gas motorhome is available in two floor plans, the 32H and the 32V. The 32H stretches 31 feet and features bunk beds and a convertible sofa bed for extra sleeping accommodations. The 32V floor plan is 32 feet, 9 inches long and includes a wider queen-sized bed as well as a 39 inch LED TV in the living area.

A new floor plan for the Ambassador, the 38FS, features a front kitchen and mid-ship TV. Like the 38DS, the Ambassador 38FS boasts two living area slide-outs, creating more space where owners desire. The 38FS and the 38DS are the only two floor plans to offer dual-living area slide-outs in this segment. The Ambassador also offers massive storage and a full-wall slide with three different conversion options: a bunk house, desk or drawers. The 38FS is versatile and easily accommodates owners’ needs.

The 2016 Vacationer 36DB and 2015 Augusta 29A floor plans will be on hand at RVIA as well. All the Holiday Rambler motorhomes on display will show the range of available graphics, décor and wood options.

“The newest line-up from Holiday Rambler showcases the brand’s accessibility, value and innovation,” said Mike Snell, President of Holiday Rambler. “We’re excited to debut the all-new Admiral with floorplans and options that allow owners to choose the right motorhome for their adventures.”

Ford Motor Co., Livin' Lite RV team to build a 2015 F150 truck camper

Looking to spend some time exploring the countryside in the all-new 2015 F-150? Now it’s possible to sleep comfortably inside a Ford-branded truck camper, thanks to recreational vehicle builder Livin' Lite, which has agreed to license Ford-branded recreational products for the all-new 2015 F-150 pickup.

Livin' Lite, an RV manufactuter owned by Thor Industries, worked with Ford designers to adopt design cues from the aluminum-bodied F-150 into the aluminum campers. The 2015 F-150 is up to 700 pounds lighter than the 2014 truck, and Livin' Lite campers are typically 30 percent lighter than the competition – this weight-saving combination is designed to improve fuel efficiency for RV customers

“I can’t tell you how excited we are to work with a company as prestigious as Ford and bring their iconic brand name back into the RV industry,” said Scott Tuttle, president of Livin' Lite. “Ford believes enough in our unique aluminum construction to allow us to carry the ‘Built Ford Tough’ label, which says a lot.”

In the 1970s, Ford had a dedicated RV division with a team of engineers and marketing professionals. Beginning in 2013, Livin' Lite began working with Ford designers to adopt design cues from the aluminum-body F-150 into their aluminum campers. Today, Livin Lite' licenses Ford trademarks and is fully responsible for designing, engineering and manufacturing Ford-branded recreational products with input from Ford Design.

The debut Ford-branded camper model design was scheduled to appear at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, but production was not completed in time. Instead, an F150, minus the truck camper, was on display in the Livin' Lite area.

Livin' Lite plans to release other models in time for sale in 2015. The lineup of Ford-branded RVs will include tent campers, travel trailers, truck campers, toy haulers and fifth wheels for sale through Livin Lite dealers.

Trek motorhome makes triumphant return

Trek, a motorhome brand with a long history of innovation, was revived at this year’s RVIA National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky last December.

It easily was one of the few motorhomes that generated some buzz among the show's attendees, myself included.

One of the neatest things about this motorhome is its rear bedroom has a bed with a standard queen size mattress that rises to the ceiling. The bed rises to the ceiling at the touch of a button, revealing a large wardrobe and additional open storage areas where owners can store clothing, gear and other equipment for their journey.

When the bed is in the raised position, it creates a generous storage space in the trunk of the Trek where bicycles, a grill, lawn chairs or other gear can be safely stowed inside. When owners arrive at their destination, they can unpack the storage area and then lower the bed for sleeping accommodations.

With this innovation, Trek delivers all the benefits of a smaller motorhome with the living and storage space of a much larger motorhome.

In keeping with Trek’s cutting-edge design and features, the motorhome is available in a choice of two unique exterior designs with four eye-catching accent color options so customers can match their car, trailer or other toys with their motorhome, if they choose.

“We used all the innovation of the previous Trek to develop a modern motorhome that maximizes storage and living space,” stated Mike Snell, President of Monaco RV. “Owners will love the versatility of the Trek with its generous living and storage space that normally would be reserved for larger motorhomes.”

For more about the 2016 Trek, visit

Dicor showcases Vixen Composites,Corner Seal, other new products

Dicor Corporation “had a great show” according to company president Gregg Fore in describing the action at the Dicor booth during the 52rd National RV Trade Show in Louisville last month.

“This year we found a lot of interest in our Vixen affiliate’s lightweight, load bearing composite panels," Foore said. "This material can be used for such RV components as cargo trailer ramp doors, flooring, bulkheads and bunk decks. These panels are custom-made with fully synthetic materials that are impervious to water. Yet at the same time they provide an outstanding strength to weight ratio. These panels can be up to 50 percent lighter than wood. These are definitely some of the more dynamic building blocks of tomorrow’s RVs."

“Vixen’s other composite panels and FRP options also provide structural components that are lighter, yet stronger and more durable than anything else now available," he continued. "Recently one of Vixen’s custom panels for a commercial building application even received the highest (ASTM E84 Class A) fire retardant rating. This opens up entirely new markets for us.”

“These product enhancements underscore the strength, vitality and purpose of the Louisville show: helping the industry as a whole be aware of some of the newest and best innovations available. I think anyone who came to our display, and to those of other key suppliers, can see that we’ve all embraced the goal of providing new components to build better RVs,” said Fore.

“Sometimes key innovations can look like small things, or simple things, while actually being big things. The Louisville show helps sort that out. Our new Corner Seal product is an example,” said Fore.

Corner Seal is a heavy-duty material for sealing RV corner joints. It’s applied before the molding and provides a durable, flexible and, more importantly, a watertight seal. Leaks are virtually eliminated. That’s a big deal.

This is the latest sealing technology developed by Dicor’s Seal Design affiliate, also well known for its robotic Seal-Tite sealing system that enables manufacturers to quickly produce consistent, quality seals for windows and doors. “Leaks have always been a problem in our industry. Now we offering solutions that can help eliminate them,” said Fore.

“The elements are in place for the industry to develop fresh, distinctive products and solve some nagging problems,” said Fore. “The Louisville show is the most creative hub we have for helping that happen. It’s where you can present new products effectively, ask questions, compare technologies, and come up with new ideas for revitalizing product offerings and making better RVs,” said Fore.

For more information, visit

Top Group Camping RV Parks for 2014 by Good Sam RV Travel Guide and Campground Directory

(Sherwood Forest from Field Technique Films on Vimeo.)

The Good Sam RV Travel Guide and Campground Directory announced its list of Top Group Camping RV Parks for 2014. The parks on this list, compiled by the travel guide’s editors and consultants, provide facilities and space for large groups of RVers who camp together and conduct meetings, social gatherings and events.

Coastal Georgia RV Park
From manufacturers' organizations to independent RVing clubs, RV groups share a passion for hitting the road and meeting up at the end of a long journey. The RV parks on this list deliver when it comes to giving these groups all they need for a great stay.

Here are just a few reasons why RVers travel in a caravan:

  • A number of RV parks dedicate staff members to serve large groups. Blueberry Hill RV Resort in Bushnell, Fla., for example, avails groups to an on-site event concierge to help coordinate renting a clubhouse or pavilion and reserving space for as many as 20 RVs.
  • Facilities also are a key feature for group friendly parks, such as EZ Daze RV Park in Southaven, Miss., which offers a southern veranda for cookouts as well as a meeting room that's adjacent to a fully equipped kitchen.
  • Food is a top-of-the-mind item for RVing groups. River Plantation RV Resort in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., for example, provides catering for large RVing groups who travel with an appetite.
  • RVing groups have a significant presence in campgrounds throughout North America. Among the more interesting aspects of RV group camping:
  • The Good Sam Club alone boasts almost 1,500 chapters across the United States and Canada.
  • Many RVing groups spend countless hours in charitable work, from cleaning up public highways and parks to raising funds for organizations like Dogs for the Deaf.

The editors and consultants of the Good Sam RV Travel Guide and Campground Directory chose the list of Top Group Camping RV Parks from the annual publication’s database of 8,000 private parks.
In addition to in-depth listings of RV parks and campgrounds across North America, the Good Sam RV Travel Guide and Campground Directory features travel itineraries, helpful maps and informative tips that RVers need for a journey anywhere in North America.

Top Group Camping RV Parks






North Carolina

Seven Feathers RV Resort

South Carolina



Michigan State Park's lodges provide all the comforts of home for a winter escape

Michigan state park modern lodges, like the Sears and
Roebuck Modern Lodge at P.H. Hoeft State Park, are available
in a variety of beautiful outdoor settings. (DNR photos)
Michigan State Park's lodges are the perfect place for a fun and affordable winter staycation. These modern accommodations provide all the comforts of home, in a variety of beautiful outdoor settings. Reservations can be made up to one year in advance.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources currently offers 13 reservable modern lodges, located at the following state parks:
  • Cheboygan State Park's modern lodge sleeps eight with three bedrooms, one bath, kitchen appliances, utensils, etc. provided. Call 231-627-2811 for reservations. 
  • Furnace Hill Lodge at Fayette Historic State Park sleeps up to 10 people, includes a fuel-efficient furnace, remodeled kitchen, all appliances and bedding. Call 906-644-2603 for reservations. 
  • Grand Haven State Park's modern lodge sleeps eight, is within walking distance to downtown Grand Haven. Includes TV/DVD player/VCR. Call 616-847-1309 for reservations.
  • Bass Lake Lodge at Highland Recreation Area sleeps six, includes a foosball table, TV/DVD player and gas fireplace. Call 248-889-3750 for reservations. 
  • Sears and Roebuck Modern Lodge at Hoeft State Park features three bedrooms, sleeps up to eight people. Sun room, game room, master bedroom with attached bathroom. Call 989-734-2543 for reservations. 
  • Dune Grass Villa at Mears State Park opens Feb. 1, 2015, sleeps eight and includes cable TV, a washer and dryer, fire circle and grills. Call 231-869-2051 for reservations.
  • Kaug Wudjoo Lodge at Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park sleeps up to 12 people in a private location overlooking Lake Superior. Call 906-885-5275 for reservations. 
  • River Hawk Lodge at Proud Lake Recreation Area features dormitory-style accommodations with community bathrooms in each wing. Nearby are horseshoe pits and campfire rings, and one of the most scenic rivers in southeast Michigan, the Huron River. Call 248-685-9315 for reservations. 
  • Tahquamenon Falls Lodge, located halfway between the upper and lower falls at Tahquamenon Falls State Park, provides easy access to trails for hiking, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing, and accommodates up to eight people. Call 906-492-3415 for reservations.
  • Traverse City State Park Cottage sleeps 11, is only 2 miles from downtown Traverse City, one of the most popular resort towns in Michigan. Call 231-922-5270 for reservations. 
  • Twin Lakes State Park's modern lodge sleeps six and is not far from local restaurants, a golf course, snowmobile/ORV trail, boat launch and picnic area, making it a convenient overnight stay for those looking to explore the area. Call 906-288-3321 for reservations.
  • Bay Stone Lodge at Wells State Park sleeps up to 10 people in a cozy, cottage-style house. Call 906-863-9747 for reservations. 
  • Wilson State Park’s modern lodge will be available May 8-Nov. 23, 2015. Features include TV/DVD player, gas log fireplace and overnight space for six. Reservations can be made up to one year in advance. To make a reservation, call 989-386-4067 if calling between Dec. 1, 2014-April 15, 2015 or 989-539-3021 if calling between April 15-Nov. 30, 2015.

Enjoy a cozy winter escape with all the comforts of home at
Cheboygan State Park’s modern lodge, or any of the other
12 reservable modern lodges at Michigan state parks.
Inside Michigan’s Great Outdoors subscribers are always the first to know about reservation opportunities, state park events and other outdoor happenings. To subscribe to this and other DNR email updates, visit the DNR website at and click the red envelope to get started.

A Recreation Passport is required for any motor vehicle entering a Michigan state park, boat launch, state forest campground or nonmotorized state trailhead parking. Residents can purchase the Passport for just $11 ($5 for motorcycles) at the time of Michigan license plate renewal through Secretary of State. Forgot to check “YES” during renewal? Residents and nonresidents can purchase a Recreation Passport window sticker during regular business hours at state parks. Learn more about how the Recreation Passport supports state parks and local outdoor recreation opportunities at

Michigan DNR awards nearly $900,000 in Recreation Passport grants to communities for local park improvements

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources today announced that 21 communities across the state will share $877,500 in Recreation Passport grants. This funding is derived from the sale of the Recreation Passport, which is needed for vehicle entry at Michigan state parks and recreation areas.

This year, Recreation Passport grants have been awarded to:

  • Calumet Charter Township (Houghton County)
  • City of Charlevoix (Charlevoix County)
  • City of Grand Rapids (Kent County)
  • City of Harrison (Clare County)
  • City of Kingsford (Dickinson County)
  • City of Marquette (Marquette County)
  • City of Norway (Dickinson County)
  • City of Port Huron (St. Clair County)
  • City of Southfield (Oakland County)
  • City of Wayland (Allegan County)
  • Frederic Township (Crawford County)
  • Helena Township (Antrim County)
  • Ingham County (Ingham County)
  • Lyon Township (Roscommon County)
  • Nadeau Township (Menominee County)
  • Oscoda Charter Township (Iosco County)
  • Village of Almont (Lapeer County)
  • Village of Garden (Delta County)
  • Village of Roscommon (Roscommon County)
  • Village of Rothbury (Oceana County)
  • Waucedah Township (Dickinson County) 

The full list of grant recipients, grant amounts and project descriptions is available on the DNR website at (click on Recreation Passport Grants).

Successful applicants clearly demonstrated projects designed to increase public access to quality outdoor recreation opportunities. The selected projects were chosen from a field of 60 grant applications seeking some $2.3 million in funding.

“This funding to local units of government represents real-world community and economic benefits emerging out of the Recreation Passport program,” said Steve DeBrabander, grants manager for the DNR.

“Recreation Passport purchases were up 2.1 percent statewide this year, an increase that in turn made more dollars available to local communities,” DeBrabander added. “Better, broader access to quality outdoor recreation opportunities has a direct, positive impact on quality of life for residents and visitors, and that’s good news for local economies.”

Applicants sought funding for a broad range of public outdoor recreation projects, including playground development and renovations; trail and walkway development; park and picnic area improvements; and improved access for those with disabilities.

Application materials for future Recreation Passport grants will soon be available at Interested individuals also may call DNR Grants Management at 517-284-7268 or write to:

Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Grants Management
P.O. Box 30425
Lansing, MI 48909-7925

A Recreation Passport is required for any motor vehicle entering a Michigan state park, boat launch, state forest campground or nonmotorized state trailhead parking. Residents can purchase the Passport for just $11 ($5 for motorcycles) at the time of Michigan license plate renewal through Secretary of State. Forgot to check “YES” during renewal? Residents and nonresidents can purchase a Recreation Passport window sticker during regular business hours at state parks. Learn more about how the Recreation Passport supports state parks and local outdoor recreation opportunities at

Camping World Video: Surge Guards

Here's what Camping World had to say about its video (which is pretty much the script the guy in the video recites):

Surge Guards are a must-have for protecting your investment on your electrical system and devices while camping. Surge variances at campgrounds are very common and can quickly destroy many sensitive electrical systems in your unit as well as your electronic devices.

We have two Portable Surge Guards Protectors here manufactured by the Technology Research Corporation. This unit should be used for a 50 amp service while this one should be used for a 30 amp service. They are ideal for pop ups and travel trailers.

Both products can identify faulty power, verify pedestal power and will test for open ground, open neutral, and correct polarity. They are also equipped with easy pull handles for easier and safer unplugging and require no installation. Just plug it in to your power pedestal and plug your unit into your surge guard.

The LED lights found on the front of these surge guards show the status of your power and if there are any potential problems with your power source. At the bottom of the panel there are indicator lights showing when there has been a loss of surge protection.

Don't chance having your camping trip interrupted by a power surge. Get yours today at or your nearest camping world supercenter.

Top 4 Wisconsin Northwoods Snowmobile Destinations

From Travel Wisconsin
By Mark Rose of Discover Wisconsin for Travel Wisconsin. Read the original article here.

Cross the state line into “Ouisconsin” and you’ve entered every snowmobiler’s sanctuary. The “sledhead” culture is pretty intense here… and quite frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way! In Wisconsin, it’s not uncommon to find more snowmobiles than cars at the local gas station. Some of us even ride our sleds to work and school. In fact, some say that our state is the number one destination for snowmobiling in the Midwest, and not many can argue. You’ll find some of the best-kept trails with gorgeous scenery virtually anywhere in the state but here are four of my favorite snowmobiling spots:

Cable – It’s as if the stunning scenery hasn’t changed in centuries and discovering it by snowmobile is extra special here. The area boasts more than 1,200 miles of interconnecting snowmobile routes, making it one of the largest trail systems in the U.S. Perhaps Cable’s best asset is the Chequamegon National Forest and its quiet charm.

Eagle River – This 2014 Discover Wisconsin Choice Destination hardly warrants any justification for a spot on this list. But I’ll explain my passion for Eagle River anyway: Recognized as the Snowmobile Capital of the World, we give huge props to the local snowmobile clubs that fantastically maintain Eagle River’s 500-mile trail network (known as the "Eagle River 500”). Great times come with the territory every time you make a trip to Eagle River.

Iron County – The great outdoors flaunts itself in Iron County with 200 lakes within a 30-mile radius and 377,900 acres of forestland. With an average snowfall of 200 inches (!), you’ll find snowmobilers abound in old mining towns throughout the winter months and even often through the first week of April. Fan Favorite trails include Corridor 2 north-west of Hurley, which cruises past Rock Cut Gorge, Trail 3 to charming Saxon Harbor and Corridor 17, which guides riders south along the Upper Michigan border past the lovely Pine Lake.

St. Germain – The Discover Wisconsin crew has got a serious weakness for authentic Northwoods spots. When you visit St. Germain, an authentic Northwoods experience is exactly what you get. A 2013 Discover Wisconsin Choice Destination, the St. Germain area draws riders in for its snow-blanketed forests, impeccable trail system, outdoor recreational activities and much more. For the true die-hards, the Snowmobile Hall of Fame and Museum is a must-see.

Bonus tip: Stay updated on snow trail conditions with the Travel Wisconsin Snow Report. Not only can you access the immediate report on current snow conditions, but you can also search nearby events, activities, dining and lodging.

About the author: Mark Rose is the CEO of Discover Mediaworks, the parent company of the longest-running travel TV show in the U.S., Discover Wisconsin. Mark began his career working with his father - the original founder of Discover Wisconsin - Dick Rose. When he’s not traveling the state to help local communities tell their stories, Mark loves spending time outdoors in the St. Germain area with his wife, Lisa, and their three children, Dylan, Hunter and Hailey. The entire Rose family loves snowmobiling, hunting and fishing in Wisconsin's Northwoods.

Volunteer to help at a Minnesota State Park Candlelight Ski/Hike/Snowshoe Event

Minnesota DNR photo
Enjoy the beautiful winter scenery while volunteering at one of several annual candlelight ski/hike/snowshoe events at a State Park or Trail near you!   Put on your snowshoes, boots, or cross-country skis as you head into the woods and see the snow sparkle in the candlelight!  Volunteers will place candleholders along the trails, light candles, patrol the trails throughout the event and collect the candles and holders at the end of event.  Click on the event below for more information.

Metro Area and Central MN

Northeastern MN

Southern MN

Thor Motor Coach Video: 3TRAX slide-out system

Introducing Thor Motor Coach’s All-New 3TRAX slide-out system

3TRAX is an in-wall slide-out system, housing all the moving and mechanical parts within the sidewall of the motorhome. This design increases the living space while reducing the overall weight of the slide-out room.

What sets 3TRAX3TRAX apart is the patented rail system, in-floor roller guides and electric motor design. This triple track design supports large rooms, like those found in full-wall slide rooms, ensuring simple, maintenance free operation.

The multi-point design also ensures reliable operation. The 3TRAX smart system continually monitors the electric motors for safe operation so you can feel confident your slide-out is aligned properly as it moves in and out on the rail system.

3TRAX is available on select models on the following brands:

Class C Motorhomes Brands:

2015 RV Shows

North Carolina RV Dealers Association RV Show- Greensboro
January 2-January 4, 2015
Greensboro Coliseum Complex
Greensboro, NC (USA)

2015 Houston International Boat, sport & Travel Show
January 2-January 11, 2015
NRG Center @ NRG park
Houston, TX (USA)

South Texas RV SuperSale
January 2-January 4, 2015
Expo Hall at the Freeman Coliseum
San Antonio, TX (USA)

Ohio RV Supershow
January 7-January 11, 2015
IX Center
Cleveland, OH (USA)

Colorado RV Adventure Travel Show
January 7-January 10, 2015
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO (USA)

South Carolina RV & Camping Show- Greenville
January 9-January 11, 2015
TD Convention Center
Greenville, SC (USA)

54th Annual RV and Campgrounds Show
January 9-January 11, 2015
Allentown Fairgrounds
Allentown, PA (USA)

Knoxville Smoky Mountain RV Show
January 9-January 11, 2015
Sevierville Convention Center
Sevierville, TN (USA)

Indy RV Expo
January 10-January 18, 2015
Indiana State Fairgrounds
Indianapolis, IN (USA)

2015 Pittsburgh RV Show
January 10-January 18, 2015
David L. Lawrence Convention Center
Pittsburg, PA (USA)

Progressive Insurance Chicago Boat, RV & Strictly Sail Show
January 14-January 18, 2015
McCormick Place- South Hall
Chicago, IL (USA)

Mid-America RV Show
January 15-January 18, 2015
Bartle Hall
Kansas City, MO (USA)

Cincinnati-Dayton RV Show
January 15-January 19, 2015
Airport Expo Center
Vandalia, OH (USA)

Valley RV & Camping Show
January 16-January 18, 2015
Century Center
Indianapolis, IN (USA)

New Jersey RV & Camping Show
January 16-January 18, 2015
New Jersey Convention Center
Edison, NJ (USA)

Washington Camping RV Expo
January 16-January 18, 2015
Dulles Expo Center
Chantilly, VA (USA)

Toronto RV Show
January 16-January 18, 2015
The International Centre
Mississauga, ON (CANADA)

Boston RV & Camping Expo
January 17-January 19, 2015
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
Boston, MA (USA)

Progressive Insurance Louisville Boat, RV, and Sportshow
January 21-January 25, 2015
Kentucky Exposition Center
Louisville, KY (USA)

27th Annual Inland Northwest RV Show and Sale
January 22-January 25, 2015
Spokane County Fair and Expo Center
Spokane, WA (USA)

North Carolina RV Dealers Association RV Show- Charlotte
January 23-January 25, 2015
The Park (formerly the Charlotte Merchandise Mart)
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Atlanta Camping & RV Show
January 23-January 25, 2015
Atlanta Exposition Center South
Atlanta, GA (USA)

Fort Wayne RV & Camping Show
January 29-February 1, 2015
Fort Wayne Coliseum
Fort Wayne, IN (USA)

2015 Calgary RV Expo & Sale
January 29-February 1, 2015
BMO Centre - Calgary Stampede
Calgary, AB (CANADA)

St. Louis RV Vacation & Travel Show
January 29-February 1, 2015
America's Center
St. Louis, MO (USA)

Hamilton RV Show
January 30-February 1, 2015
Players Paradise
Stoney Creek, ON (CANADA)

Detroit Camper & RV Show
February 4-February 8, 2015
Suburban Collection Showplace
Novi, MI (USA)

2015 Edmonton RV Expo & Sale
February 5-February 8, 2015
Edmonton Expo Centre (Northlands)
Edmonton, AB (CANADA)

The Seattle RV Show
February 5-February 8, 2015
Century Link Field Event Center
Seattle, WA (USA)

Calgary Boat and Sportsmen's Show
February 5-February 8, 2015
BMO Centre, Stampede Park
Calgary, AB (CANADA)

Minneapolis/St. Paul RV, Vacation & Camping Show
February 12-February 15, 2015
Minneapolis Convention Center
Minneapolis, MN (USA)
Contact: Ryan Reinke

Austin RV Expo
February 12-February 15, 2015
Austin Convention Center
Austin, TX (USA)

Red Deer RV Show 2015
February 13-February 16, 2015
Westerner Park
Red Deer, AB (CANADA)

Richmond Camping RV Expo
February 13-February 15, 2015
Richmond Raceway Complex
Richmond, VA (USA)

North Carolina RV & Camping Show - Greensboro
February 13-February 15, 2015
Greensboro Coliseum Complex
Greensboro, NC (USA)

Atlantic City RV & Camping Show
February 13-February 16, 2015
Atlantic City Convention Center
Atlantic City, NJ (USA)

53rd Annual Springfield RV, Camping & Outdoor Show
February 13-February 16, 2015
Eastern States Exposition
West Springfield, MA (USA)

Battle Creek Camper & RV Show
February 19-February 22, 2015
Kellogg Arena
Battle Creek, MI (USA)

44th Boat, Vacation & Fishing Show
February 20-February 22, 2015
Indoor Sports Center
Rockford, IL (USA)

Columbus RV Show
February 20-February 22, 2015
Greater Columbus Convention Center
Columbus, OH (USA)

Central Alberta RV Show
February 20-February 22, 2015
Westerner Park
Red Deer, AB (CANADA)

Ford 61st Annual Indianapolis Boat, Sport & Travel Show
February 20-March 1, 2015
Indiana State Fairgrounds
Indianapolis, IN (USA)

Toronto International RV Show
February 26-March 1, 2015
The International Centre
Mississauga, ON (CANADA)

Harrisburg RV & Camping Show
February 26-March 1, 2015
Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center
Harrisburg, PA (USA)

Colorado RV, Sports, Boat & Travel Show
February 26-March 1, 2015
National Western Complex
Denver, CO (USA)

Camping World/Good Sam Rally
February 26-March 1, 2015
Phoenix International Raceway
Phoenix/Avondale, AZ (USA)

Ottawa Spring RV Show
February 27-March 1, 2015
EY Centre (4899 Uplands Dr)
Ottawa, ON (CANADA)

Fredericksburg RV Show
February 27-March 1, 2015
Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center
Fredericksburg, VA (USA)

Greater Philadelphia RV Show
March 5-March 8, 2015
Greater Philadelphia Expo Center
Oaks, PA (USA)

Central New York RV and Camping Show & Sale
March 5-March 8, 2015
New York State Farigrounds
Syracuse, NY (USA)

Greater Atlanta RV Show
March 6-March 8, 2015
Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, GA (USA)

Edmonton Boat and Sportsment's Show
March 12-March 15, 2015
Edmonton Expo Centre
Edmonton, AB (USA)

Virginia RV Show
March 13-March 15, 2015
Hampton Roads Convention Center
Hampton, VA (USA)

Flint Camper & RV Show
March 19-March 22, 2015
Perani Arena & Event Center
Flint, MI (USA)

York Campers World RV Show
March 20-March 22, 2015
PA Campground Owners Association
York, PA (USA)

44th RV, Camping & Travel Show
March 20-March 22, 2015
Indoor Sports Center
Rockford, IL (USA)

Progressive Insurance Northwest Sportshow
March 25-March 29, 2015
Minneapolis Convention Center
Minneapolis, MN (USA)

FMCA's 91st Family Reunion & Motorhome Showcase
March 26-March 29, 2015
Pomono, CA (USA)

New Hampshire Camping & RV Show
March 27-March 29, 2015
NH Sportplex (68 Technology Dr)
Bedford, NH (USA)

Northwest Michigan Camper & RV Show
March 27-March 29, 2015
Grand Traverse Civic Arena-Howe Ice
Traverse City, MI (USA)

Chattanooga RV Show
March 27-March 29, 2015
Chattanooga Convention Center
Chattanooga, TN (USA)

Kentucky RV Liquidation Sale
March 27-March 29, 2015
Northern Kentucky Convention Center
Covington, KY (USA)

New Mexico RV & Travel Show
March 27-March 29, 2015
Albuquerque Convention Center
Albuquerque, NM (USA)

RVIA Spring California RV Show
April 15-April 19, 2015
LA Fairplex
Pomona, CA (USA)