VIDEO: RV Roof Sealants

Enjoy this 3:46 video from Mark Polk of RV Education 101 on RV Roof Sealants, featuring Dicor products.

As a matter of fact, when I first came across this video, I watched two or three times in a row. Then I went and visited my local General RV dealership and bought a couple of tubes of Dicor's EPDM Lap Sealant. This fall, before I winterize the camper, I need to fix a small little recurring problem.

When we bought our camper, used, about five years ago, there was evidence of previous water damage. We traced the damage to the top corner of the camper, where the rubber roof met the front fiberglass panel. A small separation was evident, and there were gobs and gobs of lap sealant that obviously was used to try and fix the problem.

Rather than dump a bunch of more sealant, I instead opted for Eternabond. I'm very happy with Eternabond, but after a couple of years what was supposed to have been a permanent seal started to peel back. I figured it was due to a combination of three things: 
our camper is stored outside so it's forever at the mercy of weatherization;
being at the front corner, it's susceptible to the constant movement whenever our camper is being towed;
and whenever it is being towed, it's also susceptible to the wind whipping up the front of the camper and blowing over the the top.

I've already replaced the Eternabond once, and after two or three years, it's starting to roll back on me again.

This time I'll add Lap Sealant to the Eternabond. I hope that, after rolling the Eternabond back down and adding Lap Sealant over the edge of it, the repair will last another 3-plus years.