Top 7 Apps for Road Trips

Screenshots from Motion GPS Drive
According to media reports, Apple sold something like 5 million iPhone 5 units in the first weekend it was available for purchase. And that doesn't even include the people who pre-ordered one.

I don't have an iPhone (yet) but I do own an Android — although I mostly use it to play a Euchre app when I'm bored.

But for those iPhone owners who use their devices for more sophisticated purposes, a post  from is worth a look. Titled "7 Killer iPhone Apps for Road Trips," the post is a nice little rundown of what apps would be good to have on your iPhone when on long drives.

Ahem. Long drives? We RVers thrive on long drives.

And who knows? I betcha many of these apps are also available for Android owners.

Here's a quick list of their top 7 apps. For more detailed analysis, please go to the original post.

1. Motion GPS Drive ($0.99)

2. Pandora (Free)

3. Gas Buddy (Free)

4. Waze (Free)

5. iExit ($0.99)

6. Roadside America ($2.99)

7. Priceline Negotiator (Free)