Guest Post: 5 Great RV Spots to Visit on I-75

Author's note: Enjoy this guest post from Brandon Esparza of Florida Outdoors RV.

5 Great RV Spots to Visit on I-75
It's that time again. The snow birds are making their way down to Florida to enjoy the nice warm weather and get away from the cold North! If you're a serious RVer you probably know the best and fastest route down to Florida. That route is I-75, the seventh longest highway in America passing through six states from Michigan down to Florida. I-75 was started in the 1950s and completed in 1986 and measures 1,786.47 miles.

People say, “It's not the destination, it's the journey!” As an RVer, you take this motto seriously. In order to make your trip down I-75, you need a guide to help you along the way. Below, are 5 great spots to visit to make your jouney incredible.   

National Museum of the US Air Force
As you make your way down I-75, you will pass through Dayton, Ohio. Dayton is the home of the National Museum of the US Airforce. The best part about this stop is that admission is completely free, though the IMAX cost around $8.00. The Museum has more than 360 aerospace vehicles and missiles for your viewing pleasure. The museum has a number of RV parks nearby as well.
  • Bass Lake Campground
  • Cricket Holler Boy Scout Camp
  • Dayton Tail Timbers Resort KOA
Holston View Park
Traveling South we enter Knoxville, Tennessee. Holston River Park, located in South East Knoxville is perfect if you love nature and the outdoors. This park is a total of 44 acres and is built for the nature enthusiast with a canoe launch, fishing piers, trails, picnic tables and places for kids to play. The park is pet friendly, so your welcome to exercise your dog.

Stone Mountain Park
On your RV journey, you will pass through Atlanta, Georgia and come across Stone Mountain Park. The main feature in this park is the largest freestanding piece of exposed granite in the world. This place is a perfect to visit. It boasts two championship golf courses, a lasershow, two Marriott hotels, and Georgia's largest campground. The best part about this park are the benefits for RV owners.

There are over 200 RV hookups, complete with water, electric, and sewer! You can find camp pricing here:  

Butterfly Rainforest
You've made it! The long trip from Michigan to Florida is complete. You are now passing through Gainsville, FL and happen to see the Butterfly Rainforest. It features hundreds of free roaming colorful butterflies that are brought in from all around the world. Adult tickets cost $10.50, Florida residents and senior/college students only cost $9, making it for an affordable visit. This is a great idea after a long trip down I-75!

Though you've made it to Florida, you still haven't made it to the end of I-75. There is still a very awesome place you haven't been yet...The Everglades National Park. Though sewer and water are not available for RVers, there are electical hookups at 41 sites. You can set up your RV and go enjoy the many activies from canoing, boat riding, cycling, hiking, kayaking, guided tours, to fishing and other nearby activites. You will be sure to have fun at the 3rd biggest national park in the lower 48 with over 2,400 sq. miles!

As you RV through life, remember, it's about the journey! Take your time as you meander down I-75 and enjoy the ride. Whether you decide to visit the Everglades, the Butterfly Rainforest, Stone Mountain Park, Holston View Park, or the National Museum of the US Airforce your sure to have a good time at any of these attractions. I wish you the best in your RV journeys, and welcome to Florida!

Brandon is a blogger for a Florida RV dealer ( in Stuart, Florida. Florida Outdoors RV specializes in RV sales, service and parts. You can visit his blog at Florida Outdoors Blog.