Michigan’s wildlife benefits from DNR partnerships with U.P. conservation groups

Wildlife opening maintained by local DNR staff.
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently partnered with the Bays de Noc Gobblers Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), Wildlife Unlimited of Delta County and Upper Peninsula Whitetails of Delta County (UPWDC) to plant apple trees near Escanaba for the benefit of various wildlife species.

“We have a history of collaborating with local wildlife groups, with partnerships to work on wildlife openings going back at least the last six years,” said Vernon Richardson, wildlife technician for the DNR at the Gladstone Field Office. “These cooperative projects benefit numerous wildlife species, both game and non-game, and help increase productivity of natural habitats as well as build and improve relationships between DNR staff and local organizations.”

Six volunteers from the NWTF and Wildlife Unlimited of Delta County worked over thee days to plant 100 trees near Seven Mile Marsh Road, Deadhorse Road and Friday Flooding areas in Delta County. Since then, a number of the openings near Seven Mile Marsh Road and Friday Flooding have been plowed and either rye or a wildlife mix planted. Additional openings will be maintained as needed throughout the remaining summer season.

One of over 100 apple trees planted by local wildlife groups and DNR.
One hundred percent of the funding for this project was provided by wildlife groups like the NWTF, WPWDC and Wildlife Unlimited. In total, the organizations purchased 100 trees, along with fencing, top soil and fertilizer. Locations chosen for the plantings were areas already being maintained using funds from NWTF and UPWDC. The DNR coordinated the purchases and locations of the plantings and provided additional labor and equipment for the project.

“Next year’s wildlife opening projects are in the planning stage now, and we look forward to working with these local groups every year,” said Richardson.

For more information on the non-profit wildlife groups that helped with this project, visit:

www.nwtf.org - National Wild Turkey Federation
http://wildlifeunlimiteddc.org - Wildlife Unlimited of Delta County
http://upwhitetails.com – U.P. Whitetails of Delta County